Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweden Student Visa Information

Starting a student visa application:
If you are planning to study in Sweden for longer than three months, you require a residence permit. The permit must be entered in your passport before your arrival in Sweden. For a stay of less than three months, no residence permit is required. You can apply at a Swedish embassy later.
Cost of Application:
If you are 18 or older ..............1 000 kr
If you are under 18 ...................500 kr
Embassy Address:
Embassy of Sweden Dhaka
Visiting Address
House 1, Road 51, Gulshan

Postal Address
G.P.O. Box 304

Phone: +880 (2) 882 47 61-64, 881 02 20 (kons.exp)
Fax: +880 (2) 882 39 48
E-mail: ambassaden.dhaka@sida.se
Web: www.citechco.net/swedhaka

You may also apply online for visa at:
http://www.migrationsverket.se . In that case you will get a quicker response, say one week. It is easier. You have to submit all of your documents online, i.e. by scanning. When your visa decision is complete you will get a response stating to collect your visa from the Sweden Embassy in Dhaka. For Visa Fee, you have to pay by credit card. If you cannot manage credit card you may contact 0189-282014.

Special note:
You have to study full-time
You have to participate in an organized exchange programme
You must be able to produce a letter from the organization confirming your admission to a course of study You must be able to supply the name of a person at the organization who can be contacted if necessary You must fully intend to leave Sweden at the end of your course of study.

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