Friday, October 30, 2009

Norway Student Visa Information

Where to Apply:
Visa fees:
Photography specification:
Requirements for Study Permit in Norway:
Documentation for Residence Permit:
Special Note:

Where to Apply:
The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangladesh
Address: House 9, Road 111, Gulshan, Dhaka
Office hours: 08:30 to 16:00 Sunday to Thursday
Visa hours: 09:00 to 12:00 Mondays & Wednesdays
Telephone: 028816276, 028810563, 028823880
Fax: 028823661
Postal address: Postbox 548, GPO, Dhaka - 1000
Emergency number outside office hours: 01711564560

Visa fees:
For student visa you have to pay Tk 12,000

Photography specification:
The photograph must be:
1. In sharp focus, clear and with good contrast
2. Printed on good quality photo paper at a high resolution
3. Taken from the front, against a light background
4. In color
5. 35-40 mm wide
6. Maximum six months old, and a true likeness of the applicant

Other requirements:
An approved photo will show the whole head (the face must take up 70-80% of the photo), and the top of the shoulders. Eyes must be open and clearly visible, and not obscured by hair.

You are permitted to wear glasses in the photo, on condition that:
1. The glasses are not tinted
2. The frame does not obscure either eye
3. There is no reflection in the glasses

You are permitted to wear religious headgear, on condition that all the details of the face are clearly visible.
1. The chin, forehead and both cheeks must be visible
2. The headgear must not cast a shadow over the face

Requirements for Study Permit in Norway:
1. Student visa application form
2. Two Residence Permit forms duly filled in with two passport size photographs and photocopy of the passport attached.
3. A letter of admission or invitation from an educational institution in Norway.
4. Confirmation of payment of School fees (copy of payment receipt/pay order)
5. Sponsoring letter, including the sponsor?s Bank Statement/ Proof of financial support/scholarship during the study in Norway
6. Personal income/bank statement (if applicable)
6. Documentation of accommodation in Norway
7. Original/certified birth certificate
8. Original/certified marriage certificate (if applicable)
9. Travel Itinerary (do not purchase ticket until you receive information to the effect that permit will be granted)

Documentation for Residence Permit:
1. All of the above "Requirements for Study Permit in Norway" documents. Plus-
2. Original "Guarantee form for visit" (obtained by sponsor from nearest Police station in Norway)
3. Original Court Order (if applicant is divorced) OR Original Death Certificate of Spouse (if widow/er)
Special Note:
For student visa you take approx. 4 to 18 weeks to process. You must have secured a signed letter of acceptance from your school or university. In most cases you are also required to open a bank account in the city where you will be studying, with a certain amount of money deposited.

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