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Swedish student visa Information

How to obtain a student visa for Sweden ?
1. What is the process to obtain student visa for Sweden? Please give me all the information required for obtaining a Swedish student visa.

Answer : From 2007-08 academic year, a new application procedure introduced for master's level studies at all Swedish universities as well as for Bachelor or PhD Applicants. You will need to obtain residence permit to study in Sweden. Visa is issued by Migration Board/Authority in Sweden. So, you have to apply for it in the Swedish embassy in your country of residence.
The documents required to apply for Swedish visa are almost similar to other nations. You will need:
* A valid passport
* Passport size Photographs
* Letter of acceptance from university in Sweden
* Previous study certificates and transcripts
* Proofs of sufficient funds
Requirements and visa charges may vary according to place you are applying from. Embassy of Sweden suggests to apply as early as possible, once the Admission is granted by studera.nu in Sweden by offering "Letter of Admission".
2. what is the entry/admission requirements for sweden student visa ?

Answer :
Entrance Requirements

Admission to undergraduate studies
(Bachelor' s programmes) -Basic level

The applicant must have basic eligibility, and in addition should fulfill/satisfy any special requirements by university admission rule.

Students from outside of Sweden, the general entrance requirements are:
* Completion of Upper Secondary School education.
* Proficiency in English
* Proficiency in Swedish, corresponding to at least two years of studies at a Swedish upper secondary school. Please note: students applying for courses or programmes taught in English are exempted from this requirement
These requirements apply to most first year bachelor’s courses, unless other specified
Special entrance requirements (Undergraduate study)
Most courses and programmes of study have course eligibility requirements that vary depending on the subject area and type of course.

Admission to Graduate Studies
(Master's programmes)

Applicants must have a basic eligibility. In addition students sould fulfill the special requirements that may be prescribed by University. General entrance requirement for graduate studies is as follows :
* First level degree from a recognised university. Comprising at least 180 higher education credits (ECTS credits) or equivalent

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